Green Gardens Trail at last!

FeaturedGreen Gardens Trail at last!

This trail has been on my bucket list for a number of years and I finally hiked it. It is 9.5 km return and I was definitely in my happy place as I walked through its varied and amazing landscape. Located approximately 3 km from Trout River on Route 431, the trail makes you feel as if you are entering no man’s land.

These rocks were tossed during eruptions more than 550 million years ago!

The trail zig-zags down hills and valleys and you are surrounded by the sounds of running streams and brooks and birds flying and chirping.

The contrast……..from rock strewn land to beautiful greenery is an early morning delight.

Going down to Old Man Cove.

A beachcomber’s paradise.

I would love to take this piece of art home.

Up from the beach, and the meadows and ferns are more treats in the early morning sun. The people from Trout River let their sheep graze here. Walking through the jungle of gorgeous ferns, we arrive at Steve’s Cove.

Volcanic Rock

The Green Gardens area features volcanic rocks formed during eruptions more than 550 million years ago. These eruptions occurred as an ancient continent split apart and an ocean formed.

Green Gardens Story Board at trail entrance.

Early one morning, any morning, we can set out, with the least possible baggage, and discover the world.

In Praise of Walking by Thomas A. Clark