A Traditional Tale

A Traditional Tale

A boil up on the rocks has long been a family tradition. I went often with my parents and siblings, my husband & daughters, friends & extended family and in recent  years with my grandchildren. Early this week, a calm ocean, a sunny sky and freshly harvested turnip greens were ideal conditions for a ‘boil up on the rocks.’……..and we headed out.

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Wish my grandchildren were here so we could play pirates.

It seems that this little island located not far from Canoe Rock and Knight Island has no name on Google Earth, but apparently our uncle used to call it Fish Island. I have renamed it Starfish Island:) because on two separate occasions, with different grandchildren, we have found large starfish here………and also because I like the name better.:)

The island is relatively small but holds delightful treasures.

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Beach Pea


A field of beach peas

Catching blackberries:)

Catching blackberries.

Seaside Plantain

Seaside Plantain


Three-toothed cinquefoil

(leaf) Edges are smooth except for three terminal teeth”   Todd Boland, Wildflowers and Ferns of Newfoundland.  These are easily seen in this picture.


“No attempt to simplify nature is foolproof-nature is far too complex to fit into a tidy series of icons and colours’   Todd Boland



A gift from a friend many years ago, my picnic backpack came filled with dishes, cutlery, blanket and tablecloth and a recent gift from my sister, my traveling teakettle, is a most welcome addition to our boil up.

The grill was a gift from our daughter and a  welcome addition to our outdoor life. I first saw this type of grill at a Forage, Fire & Feast outing with  Lori McCarthy last year. If you are looking for a feast on the beach, learning about edible plants and other culinary adventures, check our her website, Cod Sounds.

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Newfoundland Jigg’s Dinner with…………..

………..ambiance like no other.

“The most beautiful gift of nature is that it gives one pleasure to look around and try to comprehend what we see.”   Albert Einstein


photos by C. & L. Fudge