A Short Tale of Wildflowers

A Short Tale of Wildflowers

White’s wharf in Comfort Cove has been around for many years and has been photographed many times. Many family boats have  tied up here over the years and it has, at times, been quite busy; but, it was only today that I really focused on the variety of wildflowers that grow there.

English Daisies


Cow Vetch


CIMG_2630 (800x533)

Columbine……perhaps came from my mother’s or aunt’s garden many years ago.




IMG_2645 (800x533) (2)

“Like wildflowers, you must allow yourself to grow in all the places people thought you never would”. –E.V.

IMG_2683 (800x533)

A flake of bluebells (harebells).

The flake was laid against the side of the cliff and the flowers have grown up through it.

You belong among the wildflowers.

You belong in a boat out at sea.

You belong with your love on your arm.

You belong somewhere you feel free.–Tom Petty


The Common Tansy, White Clover and Bittersweet Nightshade also grow here underneath the cliff and along the side of the path. The nightshade is so pretty when in bloom, but is poisonous. Todd Boland’s book Wildflowers and Ferns of Newfoundland is an excellent resource tool.

Happiness is buttercups

and grasses grown waist high

Happiness is the sun on your face

Birds on the wind and a butterfly…….

Hettie (White) Sarson


I will keep looking for more wildflowers around the wharf and I will………


20150803_163151 (450x800) (450x800) (450x800)

try to always find the extraordinary in the ordinary.

Squid Jiggers Trail, Change Islands

Squid Jiggers Trail, Change Islands

Newfoundland is the world’s 16th largest island. Change Islands lies off its northeast coast and is accessible by a short ferry ride from Farewell, which is approximately an hour’s drive from Gander. The phone number to check the ferry schedule is 1 888-638-5454. If you are a visitor to our province, allow extra time as many of our side roads are in terrible condition. Also note that Farewell is not a town, so there are no services, except washroom facilities. In summer, I believe there are chip/food vans on sight. Simple works for me, hope it does for you too.

Our old Islander camper van has taken us on many adventures and is ideal for our hiking lifestyle.

The population of Change Islands is approximately 300. Change Islands “includes two large islands connected by a causeway that was built in 1965 and resulted in the arrival of the first motor vehicles on the islands.” Jean Edwards Stacey in Art At The Edge.

IMG_2334 (800x533)

Causeway linking the two islands.

IMG_2331 (800x533) (2)

Just across the tickle, this beautiful house provided a colourful backdrop for our overnight stay. In the morning, it was a welcome splash of colour in the fog and rain.

Viewing an old church on this grey foggy day.

Root Cellars

Strolling through Change Islands

IMG_2348 (800x533) (2)

The sign says approximately 1 hour, one person told me 11/2 hours and another, 2 hours. I would allow the maximum if you want to enjoy and explore. I would rate this trail moderate not easy because of the terrain. There are stairs, rocky areas and sections are crisscrossed with tree roots.

……and off we go.

Setting for Al Pittman’s play West Moon? I know it isn’t, but if I were here on All Soul’s Day, I would have to make a late night visit to listen for their voices.

We arrived on Change Islands late in the afternoon on Monday and had hoped to do the trail on Tuesday. Tuesday’s forecast called for rain, so we decided to leave around 5 pm on Monday to do the hike…..halfway through, it started to rain.:)


IMG_2483 (800x533) (2)


IMG_2506 (800x533) (2)

Lobster Traps

IMG_2526 (800x533)

Elephant Tree

Keep your eyes open.

IMG_2532 (800x533) (2)

Giant Dinosaur Egg!

…always a welcome sight.

Two days before we did the hike, I found a most beautiful book at our library book sale. Serendipity!

Art At The Edge
Fogo Island and Change Islands Through the Eyes of Therese Frere. It was commissioned by the Shorefast Foundation. The artist is from Quebec and her depictions of the islands are stunning. The text is written by Jean Edwards Stacey and provides many interesting facts and details about the author and Fogo and Change Islands. I can’t recommend this book enough.

Click on the Change Islands link at the beginning of the blog for more information about the town and plan your visit.

“…that the distance between ordinary and extraordinary is only a step, a breath, a heartbeat away.” Rainshadow Road by Lisa Kleypas

photos by L. Fudge, text by carolfromthecove

A tale, not a trek.

A tale, not a trek.

On Thursday, May 24 nature brought us 26-28 cm snow and even the birds weren’t amused! The day before was sunny and clear and I planted some more flowers. Overnight, and most of Thursday, the snow fell and broke a record for this time of year on the northeast coast.

Nature in all her glory.

Is this really May month?

The Pine Siskins, White-Throated Sparrows,Purple Finches, Juncos and Bluejays were all happy that I fed them; even if they too, were disgusted by the snow.

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