Trekking around Squires Island

FeaturedTrekking around Squires Island

The area of Notre Dame Bay around  Comfort Cove-Newstead is not known for its sandy beaches. It is however, ideal for kayaking and exploring. The bay is dotted with islands, some large, some small. On this particular day we decided to explore one of the smaller islands and traveled there in our boat with  family members.


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What will we find, what will we see…….

Searching for wildflowers.

20200724_113012 (768x1024) - Copy
Roseroot…..Rhodiola rosea


Like wildflowers, you must allow yourself to grow in all the places people thought you never would.


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Sea urchin & blackberries…a winning combination.


My favourite scent…blackberry bushes.

Exploring is one of my favourite things to do……. exploring with daughters and grandchildren is even nicer.

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A boil up is an old tradition in my family. These mussels were small but oh so tasty.


My photo tribute to Newfoundland artist Gerald Squires.


Rocky beaches & driftwood fires with family and Ginger, the saltwater dog.


Use all your senses and go…..explore.