Weather in Newfoundland can surely drive one mad! Here on the northeast coast, we have had a cold, dreary April and snow flurries in May. This is not unusual. However, the week to date has been exceptionally beautiful and today I donned my hiking boots and headed for Twillingate. I met Christina there and we set off on a to-die-for scenic hike.

Spiller’s Cove to Codjack’s Cove……..approximately 6.4 km…….is a part of the Rockcut Twillingate Trails system.

Iceberg along Spiller’s Cove Trail

A walk in nature walks the soul back home.

Mary Davis

The blues of the ocean and sky are intoxicating.

Walking and exploring are among my favourite things to do.

A wooden Inukshuk

Hiking is cheaper than therapy.

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