Steve’s Trail….a wild surprise.

FeaturedSteve’s Trail….a wild surprise.

Driving along the Northern Peninsula highway (Viking Trail), we decided to turn off at Broom Point. Broom Point is a restored fishing premise in Gros Morne National Park. I wasn’t overly excited about doing this, thinking this would be more a thing for tourists. In the parking lot we found a lovely surprise, two signs, one showing Broom Point and the other Steve’s Trail.

A very short trail but so worth doing.

I love walking through gnarly, windswept trees.

Yellow Jewelweed (Impatiens pallida)

………..and finding surprises along the way.


Like us, this grouse was just out for a walk on this wild, windy day.

And into the forest I go, to lose my mind and find my soul.

John Muir

We come to the end of the trail to a blustery, wind tossed ocean.

This is my happy.

We decided to explore further and increased the length of our walk.

Caves and rock formations to boggle the mind.

I’ve seen the devil’s footprints in Keels Newfoundland, dinosaur tracks in Chile and now (Identified by me:)), sea monster tracks on the Northern Peninsula.

Never lose your sense of wonder.

Nurse Myra Bennett Centre for the Performing Arts…….

FeaturedNurse Myra Bennett Centre for the Performing Arts…….

…..a tale, with a short walk.

The new Nurse Myra Bennett Centre for the Performing Arts in Cow Head is a pleasure to visit. We attended the dinner theatre there.

You may find the book The SS Ethie and the Hero Dog by Bruce Ricketts interesting. A short book, only 68 pages.

Then on to St Mary’s Botanical Garden in Cow Head. Many of the flowers have lost their bloom and the photos were taken just before dark, but you can still feel the peace and care that went into creating this area.

What a lovely, tranquil place right in the centre of the community.

Walking around little communities is a thing I love to do. You miss so much by simply driving through.

Everywhere is walking distance if you have the time.

Steven Wright