White’s Wharf……a landmark in the Cove……

……………………………..a tale, not a trail or a trek.

The wharf and stage were built by my father and uncles in Comfort Cove, approximately 80 years ago and while it has had much reconstruction over the years, it still stands.

Many family boats have docked here over the years and its splitting table has been used for cleaning many, many cod fish. It has also hosted many Chip-Chip games—-I am still not sure if this was a game invented by my brother…. but it sure was fun! Years later I taught my two daughters, my four grandchildren, nieces and great-nephews how to play. The wharf was also where my daughters and grandchildren would spend countless hours catching connors. My father spent time with our daughters on this wharf, a luxury of time he did not have when I was little. He did, however, bring my attention to the tenacious bluebell (harebell) which grew in the cliff by the wharf. I still marvel at the sheer determination of this beautifully coloured flower.

Cleaning cod fish.

Siblings, cousins, aunts, uncles, children , grandchildren and friends from away, all visit the wharf on occasion. The wharf and stage have also been used as the backdrop for many family wedding photos, the latest being that of my father’s great granddaughter.

After the death of my father and uncles, my cousin and two brothers have given much to the wharf’s upkeep, through both hard physical labour and financially. The extended White family, friends and neighbours are very thankful.

We moved back to the Cove approximately 6 years ago and this Happy Hour was actually held on a warm June day on the wharf……..the Cove was still full of bits of ice. I was joined by two other Whites on this particular occasion, and it was idyllic. My father probably wouldn’t approve of the Happy Hour.:)

The wharf is/was the launching point of many boating trips by all members of the White family.

Thankfully my four grandchildren love trips in the boat. My youngest grandson frequently likes to sit and contemplate during boat rides.

The wharf had a major upgrade this year and thankfully these recent high tides caused no damage.

A lovely Christmas 2019 scene across from our wharf.

Last year with my husband’s help ( well, he did most of the work:)), we decided to make the wharf a little festive during the Christmas season and this year we lit it up again. I hope this becomes an annual tradition.

Christmas in the Cove.

In this world of upheaval, change, angst, despair, hope and joy, the White family has experienced it all…….. the one constant ………… my father’s wharf.

A toast on White’s Wharf

Another year and in 2022 more work has been done on White’s Wharf. With climate change happening, we experience more high winds and storm surges and to protect our wharf, my cousin and brothers ensure this landmark will hopefully withstand against nature’s fury.

White’s Wharf December 2022

My wish for everyone is still the same…………….

……and from whatever country in the world you are reading this blog, my Christmas wish to you is that you keep your Christmas simple and make some fun. Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays from Treks, Trails & Tales.

16 thoughts on “White’s Wharf……a landmark in the Cove……

  1. What a great write up Carol. I love it and all the pictures.
    Spent many a hour down on the wharf playing chip chip!! I love all the pictures, especially the Christmas lights.

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  2. Love the write up and the pictures. I appreciate the effort and the changes made to keep the Wharf/Stage a remaining piece of the Cove’s history. I can hear the echos of my grandfather and brothers conversations there. Many a day, I spent roaming there as a “hangashore”. It is heartwarming to see how so many adopt and love it’s enduring presence💕 Its worth a trek to see.

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  3. I spent many hours on this wharf when I was a kid. Then the magical punt that we tried to get over to Mussel bed, didn’t go to good. We still had lots of fun. I love the Christmas lights, makes it so cozy! Great job Carol!

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  4. I continue to read your blog everytime. The “wharf” looks awesome all decked out for Christmas 🎄 Hoping you have a wonderful Christmas season!


  5. My wife and I visited Byron and Celeste many years ago. Byron gave us a brief history of the wharf. It still looks great.


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