Exploring Rencontre East

FeaturedExploring Rencontre East

Rencontre East is located in Fortune Bay on the South Coast of Newfoundland and is accessible by ferry……. just foot traffic, no vehicles. The trip is approximately 1 hr 45 mins one way and offers amazing views of the coast. We also saw many different seabirds, whales and several schools of dolphins.

……and they really do!

The current population of this most interesting place is 120 with 22 school children. One student graduated this year and won a prestigious scholarship!

Welcoming committee.
Just in case you doubt that they don’t…….they thought they would say it again.

This is a community that is surviving and appears to be doing well because of aquaculture, people who come to explore in the summer (there are three B & Bs here owned by the same couple who offer a variety of outdoor adventures), and because some work away ….weeks on/weeks off. There are two general stores, a post office and a small health clinic which I find impressive …..many of these small communities are not as fortunate.

…and of course we did the trail around the pond, unfortunately we didn’t get to do the trail to the lake. A return visit with a longer stay is on my bucket list….have to stay at the Chart House and do some more exploring.

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Go….explore Newfoundland and Labrador.

The most lonely places are the most lovely.

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