Gun Hill Trail, Trinity NL

FeaturedGun Hill Trail, Trinity NL

Having done a portion of the Gun Hill Trail previously, we opted to do the Lower Gun Hill Trail. This trail goes through the woods around the base of the hill and also leads to the ocean and back to beautiful Trinity. An easy trail with a little incline.

The trail begins behind the Royal Bank and finishes behind Rising Tide Theater. At the beginning of the trail is this beautiful heritage home and gardens.

Beginning of trail

The trail passes an old graveyard………………..

After doing some research, I found the answers.


Vessel Registry
Registration No.
Official No.
Vessel Name
Place Constructed
Year Constructed
No. of Decks
No. of Masts
Type of Vessel

Length (ft)
Width (ft)
Depth (ft)
Gross Tonnage
Net Tonnage
Year Registered
Official Closure Year
Place of Closure
Actual Closure Date

Walter Grieve & Co
Greenspond, Bonavista Bay

Trinity Bay, NL
The S.S. Lion was another vessel whose loss at sea had a devastating impact on Trinity and the surrounding small communities as they lost some of their most prominent citizens when this vessel went down in the Baccalieu Tickle on January 6, 1882. Included amongst them was The LionCaptain Patrick Fowlow of the nearby community of Trinity East, a well skilled Captain, Rev. Hugh Foster and his wife who were coming to take up duties in the Parish of Trinity, as well as Charles Power, a well established merchant. The images and documents that you will see and read concerning the mysterious loss of this vessel will make you wonder about what actually happened on that fateful night, what happened to the wreckage and the bodies of those on board, as only that of Mrs. Cross was found floating onshore. Listen to Mrs. Florence Barbour give an account of her grandmother’s sixth sense prediction about the Lion being lost and see if you can figure out what happened to the Lion that night.  
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Click the link above and discover more information on the SS Lion

Go, explore our beautiful province.

It does not matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop.

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