This is a short trail, approximately 4 km return. After walking the dirt path/road that leads to the Cove, the scenery is spectacular.

On February 18, 1942 an horrific naval disaster occurred on

Newfoundland’s south coast.

Click the link above and read this horrific and heroic story.

The Truxtun was trapped in Chamber Cove and the Pollux about one and a half miles west at Lawn Point. The Truxtun was carrying 156 men and the Pollux 233. For hours, these men fought to survive in the driving sleet, howling wind, and bitter cold of the North Atlantic.

The Story – Dead Reckoning: The Pollux-Truxtun Disaster

This trail should be on everyone’s bucket list. This disaster has been documented many times and I am sure almost everyone knows of Lanier W. Phillips. Seeing the actual sight on a warm summer’s day with calm seas, it is still difficult to comprehend how 186 (203 died) men were saved. A terrible storm, giant waves, a gruesome death but bravery and compassion were also evident on that terrible night.

Standing Into Danger by Cassie Brown tells the story of the shipwrecks and the rescue and is available on Amazon.

Go, explore and learn about the province of Newfoundland and Labrador.

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