Greenspond NL…..Hub of the North

FeaturedGreenspond NL…..Hub of the North

Greenspond was first settled in the1690s and is situated in the Bonivista North area on the northeast coast of Newfoundland.

I recommend this community for your staycation 2020.    Scenic…at times wild…… at times serene, but never dull to your senses.


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Beautiful Greenspond, NL


Check out Ida’s Place before you hike, that way you will at least  burn off some of the calories!


Check out their Facebook page, go talk to the owners, inquire about their story….I discovered I had both people AND  place connections to both husband and wife! Ask about the history of the house, sit, relax and enjoy.


We first attempted to walk the Greenspond Hiking Trail in August of 2016, but the wind and rain were so ferocious  that we had to turn back. We finally completed it a couple of weeks ago.  My phone with my Map My Walk App died shortly after beginning the trail and I didn’t log my kms,  but I was told that the trail is 6 kms in length.

Greenspond Hiking Trail



Walk the beautiful trail, check out the B & Bs, visit Hub of the North Restaurant and Hotel, do a walkabout, check out the wildflowers, talk to the locals, embrace the ocean with Come from Away Boat Tours, learn about the history of Greenspond and thoroughly enjoy your visit, as we did.

For additional information on Greenspond,  please check out my blog post of August 30, 2016.


Blessed are the curious for they shall have adventures.