…. located in Change Islands, Newfoundland is a walk that evokes mystical, whimsical fantasies. It is filled with vibrant greens, stunning lichen patterns and tranquility.   It is a short hike, approximately 20 minutes one way.




Magic Forest
Enchanted Forest



Indian Lookout Trail, Change Islands



Fascinating lichen patterns.






A variety of mushrooms.


It is worth a thousand pounds a year to have the habit of looking on the bright side of things.  Dr. S. Johnson

20190905_172738 (768x1024)

Nearing the top.




Caribou Moss & Partridgeberries.





At the top.


20190905_180617 (768x1024)

Go to Change Islands  breath and just be.


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Seven Oakes Inn, Change Islands

Susan Abma

Newfoundland Pony Sanctuary





4 thoughts on “Indian Lookout Trail…..

  1. I’m confused. We walked this trail today. We got to the point where there is a “lookout” sign, but found nothing there. I walked another 20 metres or so, where the path began to descend. Did i not walk far enough? Why is the sign placed where it is?


    1. I’m really not sure. I walked this trail and wrote this blog three years ago. Is it possible they are working on the trail? Maybe the sign was moved? Maybe someone at the Town Office can answer your question.


      1. I sent up my drone to look about, but saw nothing but thick forest. Yes, maybe the sign was moved. Its post was nailed to a tree. The surroundings looked undisturbed. I can only surmise the actual lookout was far beyond the sign and i just didn’t go far enough. I did NOT get to the end of the trail. Can anyone else advise?


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