……………..a short trail with a pictorial tale, and a great history lesson.


I was very curious as to the name Otter Rub. I did a little research but couldn`t find much information. I read somewhere that the site was so named because at one time there were many otters on the beach and they could be seen rubbing themselves. I`ll go with that.

Just a short walk to the site.

A beautiful little beach.

History lesson in story board form—very interesting.


20190720_093716 (1024x768) - Copy

D`Mericans  were really loved!


Another great little trail! Arnold`s Cove NL


3 thoughts on “Otter Rub/ War Path Trail, Arnold’s Cove

  1. The Americans certainly had a huge impact on my father in law and his family. He worked on the base in Argentina on construction and also as a jauntior. He was paid $27.00 a week and this was the first time he had received cash for a job. Also, the Americans were very generous with their tips.

    My husband remembers that mustard came in gallon glass bottles and that his father and I’m sure other Nflders brought home several of these glass jars to be recycled for other uses.

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