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The Bordeaux Trail in Arnold’s Cove is 12 km  (return) and is rated easy to moderate and what a gem it is!  Personally I know no one who has been to Arnold’s Cove for a vacation and I can’t help wondering why I haven’t spent some time there.  If you check  TripAdvisor etc., it gets great reviews.



A very picturesque, tidy town with many great ideas implemented.

The Town of Arnold’s Cove is to be congratulated for their initiative. According to Google, the population is  949 (2016) and driving through the town it seems as if it has all the essential services plus a great sense of community pride.


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It even has a duck crossing.



Perfect hiking conditions for me….warm and windy….no flies.:)


Pools, walls, solitary trees are natural halting places.   Thomas A. Clark


The trail is never boring, everywhere there is something to stir the senses….the ocean, many different kinds of seabirds and songbirds, irises, violets, pitcher plants, ferns,  interesting trees, ponds, beaches, driftwood and humour.


Is there anything that is better than to to be out, walking in the clear air?  In Praise of Walking by Thomas A. Clark

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Beach Pea


 The area is a beachcomber’s delight.

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Tell me your story!


Alice Louisa (Adams) Guy was born here in 1899 and died in 2001. She spanned 3 centuries and died at the age of 102! What a beautiful place to enter the world.

20190719_185429 (768x1024)A welcome sight after the hike. Our camper van is perfect for our wandering lifestyle.

If you want to visit Arnold’s Cove (and who wouldn’t) and are looking for a place to stay while you explore, there are several places to choose from.

Check out The Killick Inn and Suites.  

Resized_20190719_165657 (1024x576)Go, see and explore your island home, then your country and then the world!