….gets some clearing and some new signs.



The trail from the sign in to the actual lookout is approximately 1/2 km and today is still snow covered in places.

We are very fortunate here in the Cove that in 1977, Kevin Head and 15 others developed this trail as a part of a summer works program.  Later Gordon White,  Keith Copper and others involved with the town council at the time (still gathering information on this)  made the trail longer and  it now goes around the headlands and coves, ending near the Wild Bight Road. This is not a long trail, ( approximately 3 km return) but I find it quite relaxing and peaceful.







New signs



This first lookout along the trail is perhaps my favourite. It is a great place to stop and maybe have a cup of tea, being careful not to go too close to the edge of the cliff. Later there will probably be an Osprey’s nest on the top of the sea stack. We have stopped to watch the birds guard the nest when out in our boat.









I absolutely love this lichen on the white spruce and want to decorate  them with red berries. 🙂




20190324_130451 (576x1024)

These windfalls and others have now been cleared.



A beautiful day, sunny and warm on March 31!

20190331_120637 (576x1024)

The trail as of today is quite slippery in places. Hiking stick(s) and cleats are recommended.




20190331_115434 (576x1024)
Doctor’s Hill

In the background you can see Doctor’s Hill

Is there anything that is better than to be out walking in the clear air?  In Praise of Walking by Thomas A. Clark


9 thoughts on “Cull’s Point Lookout Trail

  1. I would love to walk down there on the trail with u ,I love walking and wishes at time that we had a trail here to go on,.


  2. Thank you Carol, Lionel and Steve for all the hard work and certainly appreciated. It is a beautiful trail. Steve took Robin and I there in early December when we were home for a visit. Can’t wait to go back.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. So glad you have taken this on, Carol , Lionel and Steve. Is there anyone who uses this trail as much as Cousin Steve. I always look for his snow shoe tracks when I’m hiking in the winter. They keep me on track.😊
    I always remember, too,the time we took our little grandson, Liam who was perhaps three at the time. (He’s fourteen now). He was intrigued by the sign “Danger,High Cliffs! When he came back to the cabin he decided that a sign like this was appropriate for our basement steps and set about to make one.
    Years later we found the original sign, broken and blown over the cliff. We retrieved it and my husband fixed it to remind our visitors to be careful going down to our basement. And more importantly to keep that precious image of our grandson labouring away to make his own sign.💕

    PS I hope no one comes back looking to get that sign back!😔


  4. couple yrs ago my I walk that trail with a friend,and I spoke of why our community council haven’t did something to kept this area clear so people could walk here..


    1. I have met with the council and they are being very supportive with my ideas for further clean up and refurbishing. While I do understand where you are coming from, I think that if more people became active in a positive way, together we could do a lot for this community. Thanks for visiting my blog.


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