Hiking the Cedar Cove Trail

Hiking the Cedar Cove Trail

The Cedar Cove Trail begins in Little Port, not too far from Lark Harbour. Even though it is a short trail (3.6 km return), it offers many different and varied vistas and, is high on my list of favourite trails.

The winds were still high on the day we continued hiking in this area and provided an added delight to our hike.

We took the trail slow and easy and listened to the wind.

Remains of a squirrel’s lunch.

The song of earth has many different chords….Listening by Amy Lowell

The Outer Bay of Islands Enhancement Committee has again provided a great hiking experience.

The landscape changes.

Wind, Waves & Whirligigs

A beachcomber’s delight.


I had heard about a number of Right Whales being washed ashore in Newfoundland but didn’t know at the time that one had washed ashore at Cedar Cove. At first we thought it was a formation of white rocks when we saw it in the distance.

These Right (baleen) Whales are 50 ft. long and weigh up to 70 tons and “are among the rarest of all mammal species.” So sad to see it lying here. Click on the link below to learn more about the Right Whale.

Right Whale

Blow Me Down Winds
Blow Me Down Winds

Blow Me Down Winds

Come and catch me
and sweep me up, up, up
in your strong arms.
Show me the sky
show me the mountains
show me freedom.
Twirl me softly in your vortex
and gently lower me to the sea.
Let me hover there and raise
the ocean as only you can.
Intertwine my body
with the ocean’s mist.
Sweep me over the waves
with you in my face
and then gently lower me
back on the headland.
by Carol Fudge

After a day’s walk everything has twice its usual value. George M. Trevelyan

photos L. & C Fudge