To reach St. Brendan’s you must drive to Burnside ( approximately 8 km. north of Eastport) and take a ferry. The trip takes 1 hour and is quite scenic as the bay is dotted with islands, shoals and, at this time of the year, fishing boats.

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…….but don’t pay any attention to this official schedule…oh no, no, no

This is the ‘real’ schedule, which was hidden behind a parked truck when we first arrived!


IMG_0098 (800x533)

The ferry dock was quite busy with boats unloading caplin. I assume they were being taken to the plant in Happy Adventure.

Thankfully, with  help from someone on the wharf, we were shown the right schedule:) and we were off on another adventure.

IMG_0119 (800x533)
St. Brendan’s Ferry

Where exactly are we going? Checking the map.


Never give up listening to the sounds of birds.  John James Audobon


IMG_0130 (800x533)

We have arrived.  The population of St. Brendan’s is 140 with 9 being school students. I had assumed that St. Brendan’s was just one community, but  was surprised to find that it is comprised of several little coves. Some have four or five houses.

A beautiful day in St. Brendan’s


Let us resist the tendency to take the shallow route, and instead pursue depth in our lives.  From the book entitled Gratitude

IMG_0164 (800x533)

Oh to know its history.

There is something to be said for walking: it is the mode of human locomotion by which man proceeds on his own two feet, upright, erect, as man should be, not squatting on his rear haunches like a frog. Edward Abbey

IMG_0214 (800x533)

Lighthouse Trail

Bull Thistle


Lighthouse Trail

IMG_0227 (800x533)

The Three R’s…..ruins, rope & raspberries

IMG_0251 (800x533)

I love the scent of blackberry bushes…..

An easy, scenic hike.

The Beacon. We were told that a lighthouse used to be on this spot years ago.

IMG_0265 (800x533)
Braggs Island

In the distance, across from the lighthouse, is Braggs Island. Greenspond is out there somewhere:)

….and back we go.


IMG_0285 (800x533)


Looking, singing, resting, breathing, are all complementary to walking.  Thomas A. Clark

Photos  L & C Fudge


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