In search of The Great Auk

In search of The Great Auk



A recent overnight trip to Fogo led to an impromptu hike for which I wasn’t prepared. My daughter has wanted to do the The Great Auk Trail/Joe Batt’s Point Walking Trail for some time and so……of we went.

I donned a couple of t-shirts underneath my long sleeved shirt and blazer type cardigan, borrowed a scarf from her and wore  ‘my always on hand’  dollar store gloves and I was ready.



Neither of us had brought a backpack, so Susan suggested using the camera bag to pack snacks and extra clothing for her 5 year old daughter.

Because it was for our granddaughter, my husband had no objections to emptying the bag and just wearing the camera around his neck….all other attachments were left behind


The trail is 4.6 k (return) and winds across barrens, bogs and the beautiful shoreline. It is  unusual to see this amount of ice along the shoreline and in the coves and bays at this time of year (June), but it is delightful and picturesque from an hiker’s point of view.

Why hadn’t I heard of this one before? Thankfully my daughter shares my passion for hiking.

IMG_9229 (800x533)

Our granddaughter is an amazing hiking companion.


Todd McGrain is the artist who sculpted the Auk and his project, The Last Bird Project is quite fascinating to read about. The Auk is sculptured in bronze and is quite beautiful in its stark and barren setting……but we aren’t there yet.


IMG_9232 (800x533)


No hiking shoes but I think my red Seibels look quite nice against the white landscape.:)



“When human beings lose their connection to nature, to heaven and earth, then they do not know how to nurture their environment or how to rule their world…….which is  saying the same thing.”  Shambhala The Sacred Path of the Warrior by Chogyam Trungpa

IMG_9243 (800x533)

The world famous Fogo Island Inn


IMG_9258 (800x533)……and on we go.


Despite the cold, icy, backdrop, it really is quite good weather for hiking.


Artists’  Studio, amazing architecture along the trail.


Learning, learning while out and about.


“Pools, walls, solitary trees, are natural halting places.”   Thomas A. Clark

IMG_9284 (800x533)
Photo by L. Fudge

IMG_9281 (800x533)


Roseroot……………. they have a female and male plant and the leaves, root and stem are edible. Thank you to FB group Wildflowers of Newfoundland for helping me ID this one.


Merrily we hike along.

Gulch……hmmmm wonder if our granddaughter has heard that word before?


IMG_9302 (800x533)

Please can we have our snack now!


High and dry!


A little slippery, Stella gets a little help along this section of the trail.



IMG_9386 (800x533)

Best picture ever!


St. Lawrence Bird’s-eye primrose/Laurentian Primrose…stunningly beautiful.

IMG_9350 (800x533)

Still going….

IMG_9355 (800x533)Finally, mommy says it’s snack time…we are almost there.

IMG_9366 (800x533)Stella’s  treasures.

IMG_9382 (800x533)

We are close to our destination.

IMG_9337 (800x533)


IMG_9411 (800x533)

The Great Auk…….sculptor, Todd McGrain

Please Goggle and watch his video,  Todd McGrain:The Last Bird Project – You Tube.

“Looking, singing, resting, breathing, are all complementary to walking.”

In Praise of Walking    Thomas A. Clark

I so enjoyed hiking this trail with my three companions. Thank you.

Photos by L. Fudge