A chilly December morning but everything still looks scenic.

“Silence begets Reverence”……..fr. Adventure Canada Video

Through my father’s eyes.

The crow is busy eating his breakfast on Uncle Allan’s bench and I love the colourful buoys with the mussels still attached.

Bittersweet Nightshade   Solanum dulcamara

Identified with the help of the Wildflower Society .  Todd Boland’s  field guide, Trees & Shrubs of Newfoundland and Labrador is also an excellent reference. Another handy reference, Wild Flowers of Newfoundland Canada by Bill and June Titford is usually in my knapsack when I hike. This is a much older book but is still very useful.

Continuing on our walk, we come to what used to be Lewis and Elsie Head’s store. When I was a child, every Saturday morning one of us would have to walk here to buy groceries for mom.

The tide sure is high this morning.

And then we walk to the end of Cove Road and turn down Church Road. The roads had no names when I was growing up here, simply ‘up around the cove’ or ‘in the back way’.

Bethel United Church on the left and then this unique blue building on the right.

I always grin when I pass this building, not so much because it is a blend of two architectural styles, but because it is a blend of two religious denominations!  When I was growing up here, the longer one (with truck parked in front of it) was the Salvation Army Citadel and the one with the higher peak and white doors, was the United Church. People from the Salvation Army went to one school and used the back road in the community and people who were United attended a different school and used the cove road to get there! Many years later, the local fish plant obtained them and eventually joined them together and here they stand………. harmoniously together:)


Continuing on our trek, approaching Newstead or already in Newstead? I am not sure where the boundary is.

Wharf Demolition.

The old Government Wharf in Newstead has been deemed unsafe and is being torn down.

Solomon’s Island Bird Sanctuary

Solomon’s Island and Newstead Harbour

Trekking along down Harbour View Drive or is  it Ocean View …..will have to take a closer look on my next trek.


Saw this interesting contraption by the side of the road and thought it was handmade……I have seen some interesting and imaginative creations being used and driven here. The owner was nearby and so I asked him if he had made it, but no, it was bought somewhere in St. John’s.

 Our 5 km trek has come to an end, hope you enjoyed the scenery.

Our life is frittered away by detail….Simplify, simplify.  Henry David Thoreau

All photos by L. Fudge

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