which keeps my brain elastic and my spirit young.”  fr. a book entitled simply, Gratitude

I recently attended my second Unscripted Twillingate festival and thoroughly enjoyed it.

My first event was presented by TA Loeffler   at the Beothuk Interpretion Centre in Boyd’s Cove, NL. I think everyone must know who TA is but, if not, just  click her link above and have an adventure!  This event, Miksang Photography Adventure  was joyful, contemplative and stirring to the senses. Miksang was a new word for me, it is Tibetan and basically means ‘good eye’.

First  a mediation with TA and then we had a drumming demonstration by staff member Desmond Canning of the  Beothuk Interpretation Centre Provincial Historic Sites .

Desmond made this drum from spruce, steamed the wood and molded it around an old bicycle wheel. A ridge in the wood and sinew holds the oxford cloth (no, he doesn’t buy it at The Mall in Stoneville:)) but gets it from a store in Labrador. The sound is amazing and it is so interesting to listen and to watch. Check out the Interpretation Centre’s website and listen to Desmond tell the stories of drumming.

Interior of Interpretation Centre

After a snack, we hit the trail for a unique photography experience. TA  divided our photo journey into colour, form, texture and space and we were encouraged to take photos using each component. I found ‘space’ the most challenging.

A most interesting exercise occurred when we were divided into pairs, one person closed their eyes and became ‘the camera’ with their ‘lens’ (eyes)  opening and taking a picture when their partner gently pulled their ear. One workshop member described it as “a flash of vividness.”

I love it when you go to an event and almost instantaneously, you bond with like-minded individuals. I believe we were all “in the moment.”

Hole in Leaf



there is a crack, a crack in everything

that’s how the light gets in.”  Leonard Cohen


As I rubbed my hand over the trunk of this tree, I experienced three different textures…..forgot to tell TA that….bet she would have been impressed…I was using two senses simultaneously:):)


 Thank you Twillingate and Dr. TA Loeffler.

“Let us be grateful to people who make us happy, they are the charming gardeners who make our souls blossom”.  Marcel Proust


This is one of two posts that I will write on Unscripted Twillingate.


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  1. That workshop sounds like a wonderful experience and I love your photos. Yes, let us be grateful for people who make us happy. Thank you Carol, your postings make me happy.

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