We came to Greenspond to hike this trail and because it is one of the  places in Newfoundland which I had never seen.

It was a wild and windy day with heavy rain.

My husband couldn’t keep the camera lens dry and in fact, shortly after, it shut down completely.

” I feel the earth, the wind, the trees. I feel its spirit. It puts me in the moment.” Gabriel Jennings

I am in the moment, but I am getting very cold and wet.

Pluviophile- lover of rain: someone who finds joy and peace of mind during rainy days.

During heavy rain, I think I find my joy and peace of mind indoors…….so when I felt the  wind forcing the rain inside my hood and down my ear, we both called it quits and returned to our CV.IMG_7283 (800x533)

My hands were so cold, I could barely get out of my wet clothes.

Dry clothes, hot tea, and some comfort food..grilled cheese sandwiches with fruit, revived us and after a short reading break we did manage to get a few more photos of beautiful Greenspond.

Love the yellow house with its vibrant colours and flowers.

IMG_7280 (800x533)

The lighthouse is still manned.

20160827_133830 (450x800)


The weather  started to clear, but we had no suitable dry footwear so we decided not to try the trail again……but we will definitely come back and hike it. It is just so picturesque and so much work has gone into making it.

I wonder if these guys will still be here upon our return?

I love the sea in all its moods. Awesome is everywhere.

Photos L & C Fudge

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