Treks, tales, the telling of tales and walking trails are all a part of our summer 2016. Keeping grandchildren active and entertained can be a daunting task when they have so many devices that bring the world to them via the internet. Thankfully they are physically active as well as technology active.




Newfoundland outports offer a whole new world to learn and try new things. Cod jigging is a source of delight. Learning food sourcing is also educational…..but I didn’t tell them that.

Surprisingly, they also liked learning how to clean the fish!

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The Cove in a tranquil mo0d.

When I was a child, a favourite pastime was walking on stilts. My brothers would make them and they were sooo much fun. I wanted my grandchildren and nephews and nieces to experience this and my brother volunteered to cut the sticks and make them.

Practice and balance and the fun begins!

A new Olympic sport?

Beautiful Banting Memorial Park. It was cold when my younger grandchildren came but oh we had so much fun! I had never seen seaweed like this….he said it was like a big lasagna noodle, a perfect description!

IMG_6764 (800x533) (800x533)

Much warmer the following week! New adventures await!

So much to do at Banting Memorial Park, Musgrave Harbour…the beach is awesome, there are paddle boats to rent, mini golf, volleyball, swimming in the pond and the Banting Interpretation Centre…..a must see.

20160729_142646 (800x450)

This plane crashed about 10 miles from here in the early 1940’s.  Only the pilot lived and Sir Fredrick Banting, co-discoverer of insulin  and two others were killed. Such a tragedy. The park is, of course, named  after  him. Many years later the plane was brought here and the Interpretation  Centre tells it’s  story.  My younger grandson was intrigued and very interested in this, as was my brother’s grandson.

On the trail at the Beothuk  Interpretation Centre, Boyd’s Cove, NL. My blog post from October 2015  tells much more bout this site. I am so happy that my grandchildren had a chance to learn and explore here.

IMG_6711 (800x533) (800x533)

Presenting a gift in the Spirit Garden. I am moved.

IMG_6714 (800x533) (800x533)

A scene that I will never forget. These two (my grandson and my sister’s grandson)       rarely see each other.  Here they observe a few minutes of silence (with no prompting) to offer respect to the spirit of the Beothuk people.


Summers are made for exploring.

IMG_6823 (800x533) (800x533)
Photo by L. Fudge


Much to my chagrin there is no theatre company in the Cove but, with a lot of imagination and a bag of dress up clothes, the possibilities are endless!

Compiling the skits, choosing the exact wardrobe pieces and rehearsing the lines filled many moments.  The ingenuity used to develop one scene in particular was totally amazing and all the adults enjoyed the performances. Laughter resounded from the trees:)

Playing ball, doing cartwheels, shooting baskets, beachcombing, roadside sales, playing  cards, doing crafts, painting, scavenger hunts, having a DFD (device free day) and not once asking to use it!!!……. filled the remaining hours. We learned so much and hopefully they learned a little too.

IMG_4535 (800x533)

Dance like no one is watching.

………………I must go and start my list for next year.

10 thoughts on “I love the smell of possibility – in the morning.

      1. Nadia,Rylan, Katelyn and Aleigha thoroughly enjoyed their time with Jacob, Lily, and Morgan. At one point, Nadia said, This is the best day of my life!” At bedtime, Rylan stated, “I want to live here. I don’t want to leave.”

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