Hello from Elderberry Lane.

Hello from Elderberry Lane.

Too hot to trek so we embraced the day in the Cove at Elderberry Lane.



Be Open to “What Is”     Richard Carlson


Schedule Time for Your Inner Work   Richard Carlson

When our attitude is open, we can have fun with what the world presents.  Sakyong Mipham

Whimsical  delights.

“Crows and humans share a very long and intimate history. Crows tend to thrive wherever humans make their homes, till their fields, build their towns and cities. They figure prominently in the folklore of many human cultures and, while the attitude of humans towards their black feathered neighbors has often been ambivalent or hostile, the intelligence of crows has always been recognised by all those who have taken the time to observe them closely.”  Michael Westerfield in The Language of Crows

Nuthatches, Pine Siskins and Goldfinches all came to visit us today.

“If I have one hope, it is that everyone will take a closer look at the natural world, and in my view, birds are the place to start. ”  Robert Bateman


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Thank you for visiting Elderberry Lane!

Photos by L & C  Fudge