….In Praise of Walking  Thomas A. Clarke


Ten days ago, my sister and I drove to Twillingate  and did some twacking  (the top meaning😊) before joining our cousin at R & J Restaurant for lunch. All three of us enjoy the outdoors and hiking so the conversation led to hiking in the Twillingate area.  Our cousin lives there and asked if we had ever done the hike in Little Harbour.  No we hadn’t , but of course now we have!




Lower Little Harbour where at one time people lived year around, did they resettle up the trail to Little Harbour;)?


IMG_4314 (800x533)


I have always liked the word mosey, it conjures up visions of quietly taking your time, of feeling warm and centered.  We discussed the spelling of this “Mozy Inn” , because I had never seen it written. Someone would add an ‘e’, someone would have used ‘s’ instead of ‘z’, etc., but we all agreed that it was a lovely inviting spot.  Interestingly enough I did see it written a few days later in Michael Winter’s book Into the Blizzzard…………mosey.


Sugg…an interesting surname for Newfoundland I thought

It was a brilliant, bitterly cold day.

Spelling discrepancy?

The Natural Arch .

An unexpected, invigorating hike.  Thank you Debra.

“Walking. I am listening to a deeper way. Suddenly all my ancestors are behind me. Be still, they say. Watch and listen. You are the result of the love of thousands.”     Linda Hogan

4 thoughts on ““What I take with me, what I leave behind, are of less importance than what I discover along the way.”….

  1. Being unfamiliar with the word “twack” or “twacking”, I googled it. The Urban Dictionary informed me that it meant “To strike with great force using the back of the middle finger”. Dave, on Youtube, demonstrated a move which reminded me of the bird dance. Dictionary.com mentions a twelve pack. Somewhere along the line crystal meth is involved. I finally settled on window shopping. Or maybe you were doing a combination of the above. Good post.

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  2. That’s too funny! If you click on the word ‘twacking’ in the blog, it brings you to the top definition which is ‘window shopping’ or walking about, which I assure you is what I meant! I didn’t realize the other definitions would be displayed! In the dictionary of Newfoundland it does mean ‘window shopping.’ Thanks for stopping by!


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