Don’t forget to add the Unscripted Digital Arts Festival in Twillingate to your ‘Must Do’ list in 2016.

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IMG_9662 (800x533) (800x533)

……………… when I spend it walking I am pleasantly tired. In Praise of Walking by Thomas A. Clark

Twillingate is fast becoming my new  favourite place. Its beautiful landscape, amazing trails, thoughtful architecture, vibrant arts community, Crow’s Nest CaféAnchor Inn, Long Point Lighthouse, talented musicians (and yes there are other kinds!) and the new Unscripted Digital Arts Festival all combine to make an outport community that is building a future while maintaining a soul.

Crow's Nest Cafe

Having moved from the city back to the small outport community where I was born, I was a little concerned how I would find places and venues to meet my cultural needs. I had to look no further than Twillingate which has the added bonus of many great hiking trails.

Early morning near Sleepy Cove, Twillingate. Early bird catches the worm. Near Sleepy Cove, Twillingate.

Not so sleepy on this particular day. Sleepy Cove. Not so sleepy on this particular day.

IMG_9832 (800x533) (800x533)

I can still feel the glow on my face, as I sat watching this. I can still feel the glow on my face.

Almost every evening you will find 5…

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