We passed this trail many times this summer while driving to Twillingate. Each time I said I need to explore that one, but never made the time to stop.  Finally a few months ago, in January we did, and the first thing that came to my mind was ‘what a nice little trail’.  I run a mile when I hear ‘nice little’ (sounds boring to my ears) so I replaced my thoughts with short and colourful.

I will definitely take my grandchildren on this trail, so I had to test the equipment for safety! What fun!


IMG_3051 (800x533)



I wasn’t wearing my Garmin and the signage didn’t indicate the distance around the pond, but I believe it is a little over one km. We hiked to the top of the lookout to get a little workout. Everywhere there are quotes and colourful stairs, tables, bird houses and benches. The  Town of Summerford is to be commended for the work put into the trail and I am sure walkers will enjoy looking for the little surprises around every corner.  They sure brought a smile to my face.

As you can see from the photos, it was late evening when we were here and I can only imagine how much nicer it would be in the summer and fall.

I found some magic on a cold January day.

10 thoughts on “A short,colourful trail.

  1. I’ve wanted to do this trail for awhile, too. Now I’m definitely going to do it, hopefully with you.
    Is that a quote beginning with ” I run a mile” ? Otherwise, I don’t understand a word of it.

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  2. A perfect trail and a lovely view from the lookout. I too wish to compliment the residents of Summerford and the writer for sharing our hike with such elegance.

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