A Valentine’s Day Hike…Cull’s Point Lookout

A Valentine’s Day Hike…Cull’s Point Lookout

Looking, singing, resting, breathing are all complementary to walking.  Thomas A. Clark

 Travel  to Comfort Cove, see Comfort House and  Comfort Island, breath the cleansing ocean air. Maybe a lunch and boil up to complete your together day?


We have Comfort House which is privately owned.

I prefer to hike this trail, which is not very long approximately 3 km, in the fall and winter. In the fall it offers some vibrant patches of colour, an active forest and stunning views.

IMG_2561 (800x533)

I found it so interesting that some of the ferns were changing into their fall dress while others were still wearing a bright green. This continued into winter.


IMG_2558 (800x533)

Can you smell the ocean?  Feel the cold fall air?





A rock outcrop, a hedge, a fallen tree, anything that turns us out of our way is an excellent thing on a walk.   In Praise of Walking  Thomas A. Clark


Cliff near Capelin Cove
Cliff near Capelin Cove


Funny how we have eyes and yet not see.  I had walked this trail many times but didn’t see this old boat until this fall. It is a little off the trail and very dilapidated. I was really curious as to how it came to be there because it is far from the community and near the banks of a cliff in Capelin Cove. It couldn’t have washed ashore and how could it have been pulled up and over the cliff?  I asked a couple of locals and no one knew. Finally cousin Stephen enlightened me.  The boat belonged to Uncle Alf (Alfred) Ginn and his son had pulled this old boat (by horse and sleigh???) in here a long time ago  and had  somehow erected it to form a house for his goats!!!!!  Now that would have  been interesting to see!

I visualize Uncle Alf walking past our house on his way to Elsie Head’s store or Jim Eveleigh’s shop to purchase groceries for Aunt Minie   (how  does one spell that name??)  or on his way to the Salvation Army on Sunday.   He was actually a great uncle of mine, a fact I never knew until I was a teenager because everyone in the cove called him Uncle Alf.






photos L. Fudge

The trail takes on a totally different look in winter, again very pretty  and you always see and hear some new forest sound..birds, squirrels, rabbits and I have seen moose tracks. If the snow is deep and you are snowshoeing this trail, there is one slightly challenging part. Maybe stop after this to hug your honey and/or to ‘boil up’?


IMG_3100 (800x533)

Overnight, rabbits were dancing in the moonlight?

20160213_102016 (450x800)
Comfort Heart on Red

photo by carolfromthecove


Happy Valentine’s Day from the Cove! Hope you enjoy a walk today!