Although Comfort Cove is not a hiking destination, it does have many intriguing landscapes to discover and hike. Doctor’s Hill Lookout is one of these. Doctor’s Hill is not high (61 meters, about 200 ft), nor is the trail long, it is however somewhat treacherous.

Sister dear and I  set out early one morning to climb it but could not find the trail!  After spending some time searching for a path, we decided to try and climb straight up the hill. We did manage to get nearly to the top but thought it prudent to return to safety.


Failed attempt to summit!
Doctor’s Hill

Defeat is not easy:)



After questioning some of the locals, we learned that one gentleman had climbed to the top on a few occasions and he was kind enough to show us where the trail originated.  So……….


Sister dear is in a much better frame of mind.

Later in the Fall, my husband and I climbed it.

IMG_2594 (800x533)


 A trail?



The views are worth the climb.



May you live all the days of your life.”  Jonathan Swift

19 thoughts on “Doctor’s Hill, Comfort Cove NL

  1. Hey Carol. Just saw this and it took me awhile to find out how to leave a comment. lol In all my life in Comfort Cove, I have never been to the top of Doctor’s Hill!!!!!!!! Fantastic view and pictures! A climb to the summit (hee hee) is on my bucket list!!!

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    1. Before the road was built to CC, the Doctor would travel by boat from Twillingate. Someone would quite often be asked to climb the hill to see if he/she could see if the boat would soon arrive. From the top of the hill, you can see a great distance out the bay.


  2. Glad to hear you found you way to the top of Doctors Hill. I have climbed it many times, the view is amazing up there. Hope to do it again. Newfoundland has many wonderful climbing opportunities to explore. You should try the hill in Birchy Bay, it has a great view too. Happy trails.

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