A journey implies a destination,….

so many miles to be consumed, while a walk is its own measure, complete at every point along the way.”  In Praise of Walking  Thomas A. Clarke

Recently I have been very busy with daily life and while I walk daily, I find myself longing to be out on a long hike….soon, soon, soon. This shorter hike in the  Jackson’s Cove/Harry’s Harbour area near King’s Point would satisfy my need at the moment.  We did this quiet, beautiful trail a couple of years ago and would highly recommend it to anyone.


DSC03475 (640x480) (640x480)
A quiet adventure






DSC03479 (640x480) (640x480)
The Arch….photo by carolfromthecove


Beautiful blues and a moment to pause and ponder the wonder of the sea.

The line of a walk is articulate in itself, a kind of statement. Thomas A. Clark

When you are tired of words , perhaps photos make a better statement.

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